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Food Assistance Programs: Helping Everyone Eat

During tough economic times, some low-income families and individuals in need may not be able to afford to eat nutritious meals. Thankfully, government programs exist to lend a helping hand and much-needed funds for food. The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers several national, food-assistance programs to make sure families have dinner on the table each night.

They include the following:

Food Stamps
Food Stamps, which assist 26 million people each month, are coupons or electronic cards you can use to buy healthy food for your family. If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible for the program. Participants must meet certain requirements, which include income level, employment and other resources.

The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program helps pregnant women, brand-new mothers and their children get access to food, healthcare referrals, and nutrition counseling. Much like Food Stamps, there are requirements for participating in the program. Eligibility factors include where you live, what you earn and the nutritional risk of your family, which is determined by a health professional.

Meals on Wheels
This program delivers meals to seniors, the disabled and others who are unable to leave their homes.

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