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What's Your BMI Number?


If you’re trying to get fit and healthy, it’s good to keep your eye on the number on the weight-loss scale. But, the digits you also need to pay attention to makeup your Body Mass Index (BMI) number.

This index is a number calculated from a person's weight and height, and is a pretty reliable measure of obesity and overweight for most people. That number, depending on what weight category it falls in, can determine if you’re at risk for health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Note: This BMI tool is for adults over age 20, click here to check the BMI for children and teens.

Let’s use an example: A woman who stands at 5'2" and weighs 160 pounds has a calculated BMI of 29.3, which puts her in an “Overweight” category. With 10 more pounds on her small frame, her BMI goes up to 31.1, and pushes her to the “Obese” category. The higher her number, the worse she fares at staving off avoidable health issues.

So, how do you lower it and get it into the "Normal" category? Losing weight with a regular dose of exercise and healthy eating habits. Knowing your BMI is a good start to getting your health act together. Do you know your number? Let’s calculate it now using this nifty tool.

Disclaimer: BMI is one factor in determining your risk for obesity-related diseases. Like many screening methods, it has limitations, too. For example, if you are a bodybuilder, you may require another screening method due to increased muscularity. Fortunately, there are other options available to help you determine your health as it relates to your weight and body type. Research shows that taking a simple waist measurement is another good way to monitor your health. Learn more about other available options.
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This is SOOOOOOOO BOGUS! You cannot tell someons TRUE BMI by just weight and height numbers. Everyones body is different and ths should be done by professional with a device that gives accurate BMI readings. I'm5 ft. 9.5 inches and weight 182. Is I was any thinner I would look anerexic! I work out but according to your chart I am borderline ODESE! This is dumb! Really,really DUMB!