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How To Find Rental Housing

Photo of a sign with the words For Rent

Where should you look for rental housing?

  • Try the classified ads of newspapers. You’ll find the most ads on Sundays.
  • Look on bulletin boards at supermarkets and other stores.
  • Ask around. Organizations and churches in your area may be able to help.
  • Look for vacancy signs in windows.
  • Call rental services or look for them online. Keep in mind that these companies are usually paid by the landlord, so they’re not always looking out for your interests.

Where can you get started online?

There are many sites that include listings of available apartments. 
Includes apartments and information like neighborhood crime statistics, rent calculator, moving guide, and more.
Allows you to search by location, price, and features. 

Easy to use.

You tell them what you're looking for and a real person e-mails or calls you with information. 
Offers listings, a Tenants Homepage, and more.

Craig’s List 
Many landlords and agencies post apartment listings online at Craig’s List.

Focuses on Section 8 and affordable housing.

Interim Housing Solutions

Furnished Apartments and Corporate Housing Locator Service

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Hi, my name is Heather and I am a single mom looking for an affordable home.