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If You've Been Cancelled

Are you being canceled? Chances are that you're about to lose (or have lost) your insurance because you:

  • Have too many speeding tickets or accidents
  • Didn't pay your insurance premium on time
  • Gave false information to the insurance company

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What's the big deal about being cancelled? Can't I just get insurance from another company?

How I can prevent being cancelled?


In most states you can't legally drive without car insurance (check your state's requirements), so here's what you need to do:

  1. Don't panic but move quickly: The letter from your insurance company will tell you how much time you have before your coverage runs out. If it's simply a matter of not paying your premium in time, you may still be able to pay the fee and avoid being cancelled at all.
  2. Talk to your agent: Find out if you can do any of these things to keep your insurance or find new insurance:
    • Raise your deductible (this will mean that if something happens to your car, you'll have to pay a larger portion of the cost of repairs)
    • Buy other types of insurance from them (such as life, homeowners/renters)
    • Work with a partner company: Find out if your insurance company has any other companies that they recommend people to if they're considered "high risk"
  3. Find out exactly why you're being cancelled: When you go to get insurance from a different company they'll need to know why your last insurance company dropped you.
  4. Look for high-risk insurance: This is insurance for people who have a bad driving record or are a credit risk. Get information on buying high-risk insurance.
  5. Find out how you can improve: Ask your agent what you can do to be considered a good insurance risk by the company that cancelled you.

General Tips:

Getting non-renewed (or cancelled) means that you may be paying more for insurance for the next one to five years - depending on the reason. For example, a reckless driving ticket can raise the price you pay for insurance for as long as five years.

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