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Coverage Issues

I'm moving to a new state. Do I need to change my auto insurance?
Quite possibly. The company that currently provides your auto insurance may not be licensed in your new state. And if even they are, their rates may be different in that state or you may have to buy additional insurance if your new state has higher minimum requirements. (Find the state insurance requirements for where you'll be living.)

To find out if you can still get coverage through your current insurance company after you move, contact your insurance company or agent. In fact, whenever you move, even if it is within a state, you need to contact your insurance company and give them your new contact information.

Am I covered when I rent a car?
You should read your policy or contact your company/agent to find out if rental cars are covered. In general, your insurance will cover you when you drive a rental car if it's a substitute vehicle (for example, when your car is in the shop for repairs). Make sure you don't pay for extra insurance you don't need when you rent a car. If you have full coverage, chances are you won't need the extra insurance the rental company wants to sell you.

If I lend my car to a friend, are they covered under my insurance?
If your friend only drives your car once in a while-say a few times a year, your insurance will probably pay the claim in case of an accident. But if this happens, it could also mean that your insurance rates will then go up, and your policy could even be non-renewed.

If your friend regularly drives your car, you may need to add him or her to your policy (which will cost more). Talk to your insurance agent about this issue.

If I buy a new car, do I need to get insurance?
In most states, if you are already insured then you can drive your new car for up to 30 days before contacting your insurance company to have your policy transferred.

If you plan to buy additional insurance for the new car (for example, because you didn't have collision or comprehensive insurance before and you want it now), you should buy this insurance before you drive the new car. If you don't have any auto insurance at all, then you need to get it before you can drive the new car.

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