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Dealing with Bad Credit or No Credit

 How can you improve a bad credit record?

Start managing your money more responsibly. If you’re in debt, get help from a non-profit credit counseling agency. Learn more.

How do “credit repair” organizations work?

They may not. The only way to improve your credit record is to improve the way you manage money over time. Beware of companies that offer quick fixes for a fee. Often, they recommend actions that you can take on your own to fix issues regarding your credit record.

How long do credit problems stay on your record?

Late payments and reports from collection agencies usually stay on your credit report for 7 years. Bankruptcies stay for 10 years. Tax liens stay for 15 years.

What if you don’t have a credit history?

Insurance companies find that people with no credit history make more claims. Most companies charge people with no credit history more, especially for auto insurance. Find out how you can start building a positive credit history

How can you find the most affordable insurance if you have bad credit? 


If you have a bad credit history, the most important things you can do are shop around and improve the way you manage your money. Every insurance company has their own system of creating insurance rates based on credit scores. You may find a company that treats people with your credit history better than others do. If you're lucky, you may even find a company that won't look at your credit report.
Don’t let insurance companies force you to buy more expensive, high-risk insurance.


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