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Costs and Saving Money

What affects the cost of life insurance?
How much you'll pay for life insurance depends on things like your age, gender, whether you smoke, your health, your family's medical history, whether or not you have a dangerous job (or participate in dangerous activities like sky diving), the insurance company you choose, the kind of insurance you buy and the length of time you get insurance for.

How can I save money on life insurance?
Get tips on saving money on life insurance.

Can I say I don't smoke so I don't have to pay so much for insurance?
We recommend against it. Insurance companies aren't the "tobacco police," so it's possible they won't find out that you lied but, they might. Insurance companies are good at checking your medical history and asking you questions in a way that gets at the truth.

And if you die in an accident and the insurance company finds out that you were a smoker, they may only give your beneficiaries the amount of insurance you would have been able to buy if you were paying the rates for smokers. (It doesn't matter whether the cause of your death had anything to do with smoking.)

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