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The $13 Stimulus Payment

According to what I’ve read recently, in June 2009 working Americans will begin to see an additional $13 per week in their paychecks. I’m not the only one who picked up on that. I listened to a talk show host wonder out loud what possible benefit could come from such a small additional amount of $13 extra a week. Then last night at a restaurant, I heard another diner wondering the same thing. 

I’m not here to defend the stimulus package or anything else the government chooses to do. You’ll have to go to another forum for that. But,I will tell you that as soon as I heard the amount of $13, I doubled it in my head to $26 (the privilege of having a husband who also works), and I started thinking of our personal spending plan.
What expenses will this “windfall” cover for my family?
  • For $13 I can take a grandchild out to lunch.
  • $13 covers the co-pay for some of our medications.
  • For $26 I can fill my gas tank—as long as gas stays below $3 a gallon.
  • $26 pays for the Sunday morning brunch we enjoy each week.
  • $676 ($13 x 52 weeks in a year) will cover the cost of tires for one of our cars.
  • $676 covers our homeowners’ association fee for a year.
Start your own list. No one is going to dump a ton of cash in our laps. Take advantage of every extra bit of money that you receive. If you don’t have three months’ worth of living expenses in the bank, now is the time to start building that account. A little here and a little there, saved and spent carefully, will improve our lives and the economy.

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Great article. It made me thingk of the extra money added to my paycheck in a different light. After reading this article I think I'll save my "extra" money and begin to build an emergecy fund.