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Avoid Credit Counseling Scams

If you choose not to get credit counseling with the Beehive, here are some questions you should ask the organization or counselor who will guide you through the debt and credit counseling sessions.

What is the cost? You should not pay any large fees to start or administer a debt management plan.

Is it comprehensive? Financial counseling empowers clients and offers more than a debt management plan. A credit counselor should encourage consumers to do better budget planning, access free education programs and seek help with their finances before they become a problem.

Who is responsible? A community-based Board of Directors representing local business, community and civic interests, should guide nonprofit counseling agencies and keep a focus on the financial health of consumers and the community.

Is it certified? Certification means agency counselors must pass rigorous tests measuring experience and knowledge.

Is it accredited? This shows you that the work of the agency is certified by an outside expert, many times, agencies are accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc.

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