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Financial Quick Fixes

Take these easy steps and see a change in your finances today.

  • Cut Unnecessary Expenses – You’ll be surprised to learn more about how you spend your money as you track your expenses and see what unnecessary costs you can cut.
  • Build an Emergency Fund – Get started on the road to financial stability building an emergency fund for unexpected life events.
  • Get Paid Faster – Find a bank or credit union near you to get your paycheck and tax refund by direct deposit. It’s quicker and safer.
  • Make Money Work For You – Open a savings account that earns a high interest rate and make an automatic transfer every month so you can watch your money grow.


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This just happen to me, I have a bill with VA, I have been making payments, these monkeys just took my entire return which I was waiting on to pay property taxes and pending bills. Now I am stuck with no money and no way to pay these billa. Any suggetions, I am at my wits end.