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Cut Unnecessary Expenses

Does it seem like you are spending more than you are earning? Take control of your money! It's more rewarding than that cup of coffee or ice cream you just bought yesterday and will last much longer!

Take the first step to understanding your plan by keeping a small notebook and writing down everything you spend money on or keep an envelope that holds all of your receipts for a month. At the end of each week, write everything down onto this sheet. After one or two months, look at all your expenses to see what you can do without.

  • Can you eat out less and cook more food at home?
  • Can you take public transit and save money on high-priced gas?
  • Can you change your cell phone plan to stop extra charges or get rid of your landline at home?
  • Can you drop the premium channels from your cable or get rid of cable altogether?
  • Can you consolidate your debts so that you're not paying as much interest?
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So what happens when you've done all that? What next?


I need to look over my spending....


thank you this really helped me get an idea of what I have to do.


thanks for the help