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Open a High Interest Savings Account Online


If you already have a bank account, link it to another online account as an easy way to get more money with higher interest. Keeping your savings in an online Money Market Account (MMA) can earn you up to six times more interest than a regular savings account.

Money Market accounts:

  • Have no hidden costs and no penalties
  • Have no service charges
  • Are federally insured
  • Allow direct deposit of money from other accounts

Never Seen, Never Missed

Transfer money from your bank account to an online account automatically. Using the bank’s website, you can easily set up an automatic transfer between these accounts to put your savings plan on auto-pilot. Adding $25, $75, or more each month can add a huge amount over time to your savings accounts.


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6x 0,03% (or whatever) is still low. Don't count that your bank account will keep your money value.

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Savings accounts is what banks need these days, with the economic crisis everybody needs cash and banks offer interest.