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Step 3: Collect Child Support

In most cases, getting a monthly support check for your child goes fairly smoothly. Once the court establishes the amount, the other parent regularly provides support.

What Happens If the Other Parent Won’t Pay?
When a parent is missing or doesn't want to pay, all states have child support enforcement offices that help. They will track down the parent and order them to pay. There are many ways to get the other parent to pay. These include: 

  • Withholding income
  • Withholding unemployment benefits
  • Withholding disability benefits
  • Taking money from bank accounts
  • Taking money from tax refunds
  • Vehicles and other property

If the other parent is not paying the required support checks, be sure to contact your Child Support Office.

STEP 1: Establish Paternity
STEP 2: Get a Child Support Order

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