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Getting support for your child can sometimes be difficult and you may think, Is this really worth it? The thing to remember is it’s definitely worth it for your child.

Getting as much information online can make the process a lot easier. Hopefully, this site has answered most of your questions.  If not, the links below can help.


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I am a single mother in Jamaica. However the father in of child lives in Canada. My Son is three years old and has not met his father. The mother of son's father assist me financially as I am currently in my second year at the University of Technology, Jamaica. My problem is that every time ask for anything financially for the baby, she will get upset. She is extremely verbally abusive and enjoy every chance to remind me that her son still hold firm that the child is not his. I have been through a nine months pregnancy all by myself as he went to Canada when i was just two months pregnant after we had a disagreement about doing an abortion in which i disagreed because, i do not believe in which practices and it is also illegal in Jamaica. The advice that i am ask is that, what legal channels, i can take to have him do a paternity test and to ask him to take up his responsibility as a father for our son. I have tried, not to bother him since , he doesnot want to be apart of our child's life. I have had it hard going to school, working , taking care of my son and absorbing verbal abuses from his mother. I am tired!. I am hoping that you can assist, because i need the assistance so that i can be easier to finish my degree after which he can go back in hiding, while i full take care of our child in the way that god will lead to. Thank You.