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How to Find Food Assistance in Your Community

Line Outside A Food Pantry

If you’ve been feeling hungry lately, you’re not alone. While the USDA says 85.3% of U.S. households were food secure throughout 2009, because of the economic recession we’re experiencing, lack of nutritious food is a growing problem that is affecting more of us. Food pantries and kitchens are seeing a lot of new faces at their doors – families, young people, and middle- and working-class individuals.

No one should have to choose between food and paying for other necessities like rent, medical bills, heat, or transportation. There is no shame in getting the help you need.

Here is the information you need to beat hunger:

Call 2-1-1

47 states provide the 2-1-1 help line, which is a service of the United Way. Call the number, and you will be connected to a representative who can help you find local food, shelter, and childcare services. Find a full list of states that offer the 2-1-1 help-line.

For Resources by region: Northeast East Southeast North Central South Central West Southwest More States (plus Puerto Rico)

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