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Subsidized Housing

Subsidized Housing

With this program, the government comes to an agreement with apartment owners to pay them a regular fee (a subsidy) so that they will offer certain units to qualified tenants for lowered monthly rents. An apartment complex with subsidized housing may have only a few low-rent units, or it may have many.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Benefits   Am I eligible?   How do I apply?

Subsidized housing offers people with low incomes the chance to live in safe, decent housing for a lowered monthly rent.

Subsidized units are available to seniors, disabled individuals, and those with low household incomes. Eligibility requirements vary depending on where you live and the number of people in your household. To find out if you might be eligible, contact your local Housing Authority. They will give you information about how to qualify and where to find subsidized housing units that are available to rent.

Subsidized housing units are managed by apartment owners who follow government rules in deciding who to accept as tenants. Your local Housing Authority can help you find a subsidized housing unit that fits your needs, or you can search online for subsidized housing units, but you must apply for that unit with the owner/manager of the complex.

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I am a pregnant woman in my baby is due any day now i am going from house to house just so that I can have somewhere to sleep at night.I really need the help I can not afford to bring my child into this world living the way that I am.I been trying over and over to getting help but,for some reason no one wants to help me.
I am currently an expecting new mother with a part time job who needs help with paying rent

I'm currently in the throws of a nasty custody case, does anyone have any advice. Anything you cou ld share would be very appreciated. Thanks hope to talk to you soon, Megan


my name is paris bains and i have five children and we have been living in and out of my car and we have been staying from hotel to hotel please could some one help me my number is 708-623-3050 thank you so very much