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    Manage your finances online

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    Should You Use Online Banking?

    • The average person who switches to online banking spends 15 minutes a month paying bills instead of three or four hours.
    • Most identity theft happens as a result of stolen mail, wallets or checkbooks, not computer hacking.
    • Every day, more than 15 million Americans bank online.

    Managing your money is easy online. There are no messy files, missing bills, or stacks of cash. Everything stays in one place—on your computer screen.

    Here are just a few things you can do when you bank online:

    • You can check your balance 24 hours a day
    • Pay bills on time and automatically, often for free, helping to eliminate late fees!
    • Easily set up direct deposit to have your paycheck sent electronically to your account
    • Send money between accounts with the same bank, with the click of a mouse
    • Protect your personal information with confidential, online statements

    Try these interactive tours to learn how you can succeed with Online Banking.

    Getting Started with Online Banking

    Paying Bills Online

    Transferring Money Between Your Accounts

    Please Note: Macromedia Flash is required for interactive tours. If you don't have Flash installed you can download it for free from here.

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    Great blog.. I really like the way you have explained it.. You can also refer to for more similar services


    Excellent discussion dude you have shared in this website..!! Hey I am so excited to get this allocation and knowing about the Managing finance online which can help us more. Thanks for doing this valuable job. Take it up...
    online banking

    i agree .
    no me gusta el servicio por tel y habia perdido el paswordpor eso no habia pagado gracias

    I like the idea of online banking because it allows me to pay my bills on time and I have 24 hour banking priviledges.


    i would like to make my payments on line because i will save time