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Questions to Ask Before Opening a New Bank Account

photo of someone opening a bank account

Start your search by getting recommendations from your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

Questions to ask a bank or credit union:

  1. Do you offer free checking accounts?
  2. Do you offer free savings accounts with interest? What is the interest rate?
  3. Is there a minimum amount to open a checking or savings account and do I have to keep a minimum monthly balance in there?
  4. Do you offer free checks and any kind of protection for bouncing a check? What is your fee for bouncing a check or having insufficient
  5. Where are you located and do you have other branches nearby? What are your hours?
  6. Does your branch speak languages other than English?
  7. Where are your closest ATMs and is there a fee to use them? Is there a fee to use other ATM's?
  8. Do you offer a debit or credit card with checking accounts? Are there fees with those cards?
  9. Do you offer free direct deposit?
  10. Do you offer free online banking?
  11. Do you offer car or home loans?
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