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Saving is Easy with Savings Bonds

US Savings Bonds
Savings Bonds
Saving Bonds are the easiest way to start building your future. Putting even a little money aside on a regular basis is a good way to start down the path of personal wealth-building. U.S. Savings Bonds are a convenient way for new or small savers to save.
Another good reason to save is for emergencies. Experts advise that everybody should have enough money in savings to cover three months’ of expenses. That means rent or mortgage money, and enough for food, utilities, gas, bills, and other expenses for three months. This amount can help get you through hard times in case there is an emergency---if someone gets sick, loses a job, or has foreclosure problems, for example. 

Saving can also help pay for good things like a college education, the down payment on a home, or starting a business. Parents and grandparents find that purchasing Savings Bonds for children is an easy, convenient way to help build a nest egg to get them started on life’s path. 

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