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Stick to Your Budget

photo of person making a budget

With more expensive fuel and food costs, living within your budget can be a difficult challenge, but don't give up! It may take some time to set up a plan that works for you. Be flexible.

Here are some ideas to help you stick to your budget:

  • Use what you have instead of shopping for new clothes, a new phone, or household items save money by using what you already have. Instead of eating at a restaurant, you can save your money by cooking at home or with a friend.
  • Increase your income with a part-time job. Use the resume writing tools in the Career Coach to freshen up your resume. Also browse local jobs at online job search sites, and boost your income.
  • Find treasures when you buy low-cost, high quality, second-hand goods on Craig's List or Ebay.
  • Apply for food stamps, child care help, medical assistance and large tax credits.
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