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How Do You Track Your Expenses?

Person writing down their expenses

How do you get started?

Tracking your expenses is the best step to take to start building a budget. Get started by looking at how you spend your money for a month.

  • Collect your paycheck stubs and income receipts to know how much money comes into your household every month. This is how much you have to spend each month. This should also include assistance like Food Stamps and Social Security benefits.
  •  Make a list of your regular expenses by writing down your rent, mortgage and consistent bills.
  • Collect your receipts in an envelope to see where you spend your money. For items that don't have receipts, write the amount, the date, and what you bought on the envelope.
  • Write down your expenses after you print this blank budget worksheet or use this spreadsheet to collect all your expenses for the month.
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I am a young woman who is trying to make better decisions regarding my money.


Please help me stay on track


This is very helpful to deal with my daily expenses. I feel this will help me very much.


I work at One Economy, the folks that build and maintain the Beehive. Share with us of how you remember to keep track of your expenses, as well as the hardest thing to record every month. We will use your answers to expand our information. Also remember that you can use our Build a Budget Tool in this section.