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Video | Build a Budget

After a month of tracking your expenses, you can begin to build a budget. Balancing your budget is a way to take care of obligations and enjoy life. By knowing how much you can spend and save, you will be more secure for the future. Watch the video below before you get started.

Look at your monthly expenses and divide them into categories to start a base for your budget.

  • Rent and Bills
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • School
  • Shopping
  • Savings

Track your expenses for another month. Can you adjust the amounts in your budget so that you can live more comfortably? Can you cut some unnecessary expenses? It's important to make a budget that works so that you can understand where your money is going.

At the end of each month, pay any high interest credit cards or debts that may be getting finance charges. Some months may be more difficult than others, so prepare for them by having an emergency account for unplanned events.

Get started creating a budget with the Beehive's Budget Builder.

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yes you can do this

I fully understand the delimna of always having an emergency. I experienced the same phenomenon once over a series of a few months.

Here is one solution:

Ask the bank to not allow you to overdraw, but to cut you off when you have no more money. Know it sounds drastic but it will allow a slow recovery.

Dont make your budget so tight that you cannot have money for savings and emergencies.

If you are SO far behind it will be months before you can break even, ask a family member for a personal loan to bring you to even,with a payoff plan which is reasonable in your given circumstances, then have them hold you accountable to your budget.

Realize if you use the tool, it adds up to 105% and you need to trim some places to make it work.

If you have a credit card, ask them to reduce the payments for one year. You will end up paying more at the end, but you will have more money to cover emergencies while you continue to save some.

Try and nip situations in the bud. If you see your car needs brake fluid, add it. It is less than replacing brakes.

Be encouraged and now with God, you can.

Lots of good breaks, and I will keep you in my prayers.



I have started on a budget, but it seems like every month I have some emergency or something at work where I have to spend money that I am not able to budget for and I overdraw my account and get further behind. One month, I got sick, one month it was the car needing a new tire. I just cant seem to get things under control. I never have enough to start an emergency fund. I am confused and unsure of what to do.

Is there anything you can sell to start an emergancy fund? I had an emergancy fund kick-off yard sale to start mine.

I want to try hard and stick to budget hoping this works to improve my finances


Hoping to start budgeting so I can stay safe secure.


I'm just looking to get my life back on track with my money


I'm really looking forward to building our budget to help us get the house we want


I am so excited to see my budget laid out, so that I can better plan for my future!


thanks for the help


I am wanting to work towards my own home.


it just hard to save money with three children


Im good at sticking to action plans when I physically see them in front of me. This will provide a constant reminder to follow the action plan.


I would like to build a budget for my family.


Excited to get started.


Let my new years resolution begin!


I am excited to started.


Trying to get organized.


I want to be happy and start keeping a money saving year for 2009