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Pay Your Bills Online

Photo of hand using computer mouse to pay bills online
  • Would you like to have an extra hour or two of free time every month?
  • Would you like to stop worrying about late fees or missing a payment?
  • Would you like to stop buying stamps, buying money orders, writing checks and dealing with so much paper clutter?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you should consider paying your bills online! When you pay online, the computer does the bill-paying for you.

View a demonstration of paying bills online

To get started, check your last utility bill or credit card statement or visit their websites for information on how to make your payments online. To save yourself the most time and money, consider setting up automatic monthly payments for your utilities and paying at least the minimum monthly amount (if you can't pay in full) directly from your bank account or your credit card. By automatically paying the minimum required amount, you'll avoid late fees and added charges.

CAUTION! Keep a close eye on your account to make sure you're not overdrawn when the automatic payments are taken out each month. This can lead to overdraft fees. To keep a steady balance in your account, consider direct deposit, where your paycheck is automatically deposited into your bank account. You should also check your account balance regularly at the ATM machine, online or over the phone.


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