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How Do You Send Money with a Prepaid Card or by Email?

Prepaid Card

Banks and companies offer "prepaid cards" or "stored value cards" that you can buy in the United States and send to someone inside the U.S. or out of the country. People use the card to buy things the same as using a debit or credit card or they can even take out money at an ATM. Some banks and credit unions will let you send debit cards internationally that are connected to your account in the United States so that the recipient can withdraw money directly from the account.

Send Money on a Prepaid Card

You can get a Mio MasterCard® and give a second card to a friend or family member so they can receive money transfers for a low fee.

Send Money Online

With PayPal, you can send money to anyone in 55 countries with an email address and a bank account. Sign up for a account, then send money online through your account or your cell phone.

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