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How Do You Send Money with a Money Order?

Foto de un cheque de cajero (giro postal)

Money orders are similar to prepaid checks. Money orders are a safe way to send money by mail, either in the United States or internationally. The Post Office has the best prices, but you can also buy them at a grocery store or a bank. If you're sending money internationally, make sure they except your specific money order in the country.

In the United States, you can send a money order up to $1000 to anywhere in the country for a cost less than $2. However you'll need to show a government-issued photo identification to purchase a money order. You can purchase a money order at your local U.S. post office. They have different payment options such as cash, debit cards or travelers checks. Once the money order arrives, it can be cashed in at any post office, bank or credit union.

Sending Money Orders Internationally

You can use an international money order to send money to 30 different countries. You can send up to $700 per money order, and each money order costs less than $5, plus extra for shipping. When it arrives  the recipient can cash it in at any post office. The limit

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