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Find Alternatives to Check Cashing and Payday Loans

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Don't let a payday loan trap you!

The fees that check cashers and payday lenders charge can add up fast. Before paying those outrageously high amounts, consider these less expensive options:

Check Cashing Alternatives:

  • Cash a check at your Credit Union or Bank - A credit union or bank is usually the easiest, most convenient and least expensive way to cash a check, with many offering free checking accounts and no check cashing fees. If you have money in your account to cover your check, you can usually get it cashed that day.
  • Direct Deposit and Quick Withdrawal - Once you sign up for a bank account, you can get your paychecks deposited directly into your account. Not only can you access the money a few days quicker, but you can withdraw the exact amount of money that you need from an ATM immediately.
  • Electronic Transfer Account - An Electronic Transfer Account (ETA) and Direct Deposit is a simple, safe and secure way for you to get your Federal payments, such as Social Security or VA benefits. You can then get cash from your ETA from an ATM, your bank, or using a debit card at a store. Find out more at 1 (888) 382-3311 (toll-free) or 1 (877) 326-5833 (TTD).

Payday Loan Alternatives:

  • Payment plan with your creditors
    Many creditors, from credit card companies to utilities, will lower your interest rate, reduce your finance charges or lengthen your payment time if you just call and ask.
  • Advances from employers
    Many employers will help you out, especially if you have a long history with them.
  • Credit counseling and possible debt consolidation
    If you’re in debt, you can talk to credit counselors for free. They will contact your creditors and work out a payment plan for you.
  • Consumer loans from a credit union or bank
    Some credit unions have short-term loans like payday advances but with lower interest rates.
  • Military loans
    You could get very good rates if you qualify for a military loan.
  • Emergency assistance programs
    There are different types of assistance programs depending on what organizations serve your community.
  • Family and friends
    It is likely that your family and friends would rather help you out than see you fall deeply into debt by using payday loans.
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