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Selecting a Homework Help Program

Young students doing homework while being assisted by an adult

Homework help comes in many forms. Finding the right kind of help will depend on your child's needs, schedule and your budget.  Find out more about the different types available.

In Person Homework Help
In person homework help usually involves a set time for students to complete their homework. A tutor or instructor is available to answer questions and provide support.  In person homework help may be a one-on-one session or, more commonly, a group session. Local libraries, schools, or colleges often provide homework help sessions which students can attend regularly or drop by for help. Costs vary. However, group sessions or drop in sessions will usually be less expensive than one-on-one homework help.  Ask about the education level of the instructor. Advanced high school students may be appropriate for elementary or middle school students. College students or college graduates are best for high school students.

Online Homework Help
There are also several varieties of online homework help. All of them involve students using the Internet to either receive help or find information that will help them with their homework.

Online "Live" Homework Help
In this type of homework help, a real person is available on the Internet to help students with homework related questions.  Students communicate with a tutor through email or instant message chatting.  The tutor is available in "real-time" to answer questions as they come up making it a convenient resource. These types of services may be available only from computers in a special location, such as public library, or some services are available from any computer connected to the Internet. Often library services are free. Other services may charge by the hour.

If the program is not sponsored by a trusted organization, like a library, be sure to find out who is "on the other end" of the Internet browser. Practice Internet safety by checking out the website before sending your child to it. Find out about the tutors, their backgrounds, and their location. Sometimes language barriers or time zones may affect your child's experience. 

Online Homework Help Resources
This type of homework help provides students with access to resources and activities about particular subjects.  These websites contain links to resources such as encyclopedias, video libraries or sample problems.  Students can use these resources to complete assignments or look for similar problems that will help them complete their homework.  Some homework help has activities that allow students to take practice quizzes or explore related content.  Many of these resources are free.  Check the Beehive - School Section for homework help resources.

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Hi can you help me with this problem:
The cost of one (1) muffin is $m.
The cost of three (3) cupcakes is $2m.

(1) write an algebraic expression in (m) for the cost of
(a) 5 muffins
(b) 6 cupcakes

(2.) write an equation in terms of (m ) to represent the total cost of 5 (five) muffins and 6 (six) cupcakes $31.50.

3. calculate the value of m.

Thanks need information for Thursday April 05th 2012

i would love to get help with my home work algebraic expression i just cant get it